Eros Basilio: Femme Series

I came to know Sir Eros Basilio as the brother of one of my favorite professors in DLSU, Sir Anlex. Sir Eros, while he was still in advertising, was an institution in himself; he is a master of design and often credited as a local “logo master“. So when I found out that he has a solo exhibition at Ayala Museum Artist Space (first time there, check!), I had to see his art beyond typography and logos.

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Carlo Calma: Grammar of Movement

Last April 29, I had my first art exhibit launch experience care of my blockmate EJ. His cousin, Carlo Calma, launched his 18-piece wood sculpture exhibit entitled “Grammar of Movement”. Being that EJ only invited me hours before it happened, I was uncomfortably underdressed. Nevertheless, I wanted to go to Ayala Museum and see what it was all about.

EJ, Y2 mouse, & Kimmy: First-timers

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