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My name’s Y2, and I love Art — Art that’s hung, displayed, formed, felt, celebrated, misunderstood, and everything in between.

But I can’t draw or form anything to save my life. I am but an Art Appreciator.

And like a mouse living in one of the world’s greatest museums (as I imagine myself to be), I can only stare in awe and appreciate from the bottom of my little heart the masters who can and the works they’ve gifted this world.

So here’s a journal of everything that inspires me. And to everyone else who can’t seem to create art but continues to love it anyway, this piece of cheese is for you.

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Claudio Bravo: Sojourn in Manila

12:30 pm: I’ve been invited to live blog at MetMuseum Manila today. To make this experience richer, I’ve intentionally avoided researching on anything about the artist and exhibit. I also feel it’d be a great writing exercise for me; I’ll be more candid (I think), and you’d be learning about Claudio Bravo the same time I am!

About to leave for the museum. Let’s hope the Wifi there works!

1:50pm: Semi-fail. No wifi while we’ll be going around the exhibit. Broadcast will be a delayed telecast, folks! But no worries for now. I’ll be writing as I go along still.

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