Eros Basilio: Femme Series

I came to know Sir Eros Basilio as the brother of one of my favorite professors in DLSU, Sir Anlex. Sir Eros, while he was still in advertising, was an institution in himself; he is a master of design and often credited as a local “logo master“. So when I found out that he has a solo exhibition at Ayala Museum Artist Space (first time there, check!), I had to see his art beyond typography and logos.

As the exhibit’s title suggests, Basilio tackles the woman as his subject and muse. Looking through his pieces in the exhibit, I kept noticing the many dualities — comparisons or contrasts — that exist in his works:

The woman’s vulnerability and fragility are echoed by the delicate creases and crumples of what she lies down on

I love how this one can be a representation of Mother Earth (because of the colors) or a Filipina Nanay (Mother)

This woman shows strength and purpose but at the same time poise and femininity (And she looks like Cherie Gil. Hehe.)

Basilio is able to depict chaos (perhaps it’s the chaos in her mind?) while keeping the center — the anchor of the painting — tranquil

This one struck me because I think this is the only woman painted with her eyes open. I imagine it’s because she can’t help but marvel at the many whimsical elements around her

This woman not only tries to hide her face, but she also tries to blend in her environment. She fails to do so because despite her face being covered, we still see the beauty and grace that emanates from her

It’s quite hard to describe — more so paint — women, what with her many facets and seemingly unfathomable depths. But Eros Basilio is able to visualize the many dualities a woman can have. His works remind us that there really is more to a woman, that she is not just one-dimensional. And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s my professor’s brother. 😉

I highly suggest you see his works in person. My photos are far from doing justice to Sir Eros’ paintings (largely due to the glare from the windows). Plus, his paintings are acrylic on Fabriano paper, a medium and method I’ve only seen the first time. Check it out at the Ayala Museum Artist Space until June 12 only!

Basilio’s paintings (top to bottom):
Woman asleep (detail)
Filipina 2
Traveler of the seas
Midnight Serenade
Woman of the Garden

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