Dali x Gaga

Salvador Dali is the first artist I read a biography of. Apart from his amazing, mind-bending Surrealist paintings and paranoiac depictions of desire and the subconscious, he’s just a really crazy, zany character.

Fast forward around 80 years later, and Dali’s spirit has been reincarnated into the musical phenom we know as Lady Gaga. Let me present some proof:

A fixation with hair
Well, hair in different parts of the body


 Crazy quotable quips


Phallic references
The Great Masturbator / Lady Gaga’s “Disco Stick”


Portrait of Gala with Two Lamb Chops Balanced on Her Shoulder / THAT VMAs dress


People of their respective generations either love or hate them. Dali had his share of haters, calling him fame-hungry with his art and antics, and many even called him a sellout in his later years as an artist (they even nicknamed him “Avida Dollars”, an anagram of his name, because of this). Lady Gaga has had her share of the same criticisms because of her music, fashion sense, music videos, and personality.

However you feel about Salvador Dali or Lady Gaga, two things can’t be denied: Both are true iconoclasts, and they both continue to make an impact worldwide beyond their respective art.

Dali paintings & Lady Gaga photos taken from the Internet. 2 images taken by me at the Espace Dali Museum in Paris

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