Norman Rockwell: Master of Human Emotion

August was a busy month, and my few entries here is proof of that. Apart from work and other activities in the real world that filled up my time, August was my birthday month too! My family and I spent a weekend in the beautiful Puerto Princesa in Palawan. Everyone HAS TO visit that place!

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The Love Story of Tim Burton’s Art (Updated)

After I earned the part of Mrs. Lovett via the traditional route of a lengthy audition process, Tim came to my kitchen looking shocked. “I found this original drawing from 20 years ago,” he said. “It looks like you and Johnny. I drew you before I knew you existed.” — Helena Bonham Carter

Sweeney and Lovett,

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Mucha x Quesada

On one day when our office had no internet, I borrowed my seatmate Elvin’s book about Marvel cartoonist Joe Quesada to pass the time. Admittedly, I’m no real comic book fan, but I love poring through comic books because the illustrations in pen and ink are frustratingly amazing. (Art envy strikes again…)

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Escher’s Tessellations

Back in high school, we had an art class assignment to make a tessellation of our own. I never forgot that class for the sole unfortunate reason that I couldn’t make one. Haaay.

Years later, I read about Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher’s life and how he’s famously credited as the “Father of Modern Tessellations”.

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