They’re here! The Barbie Museum Collection

As a birthday gift for myself, I ordered the three dolls from the Barbie Collector Museum Collection, and these arrived last night!

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Found in Korea: Ingres on milk!

Convenience store coffee with artwork by French Neoclassical painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres!

Now, why they used a French painter’s artworks for a brand labeled “Denmark” is beyond me.

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Escher’s Tessellations

Back in high school, we had an art class assignment to make a tessellation of our own. I never forgot that class for the sole unfortunate reason that I couldn’t make one. Haaay.

Years later, I read about Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher’s life and how he’s famously credited as the “Father of Modern Tessellations”.

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Dali x Gaga

Salvador Dali is the first artist I read a biography of. Apart from his amazing, mind-bending Surrealist paintings and paranoiac depictions of desire and the subconscious, he’s just a really crazy, zany character.

Fast forward around 80 years later, and Dali’s spirit has been reincarnated into the musical phenom we know as Lady Gaga. Let me present some proof:

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