Cacnio x LEGO: Inspire

About three years ago, I peered into a mall gallery and saw a Michael Cacnio brass sculpture by the window. I remember thinking, “Wow, this guy’s work is amazing. I bet he’ll go far.” Little did I know that Cacnio has been an acclaimed artist for the past 20 years! Shame on me for not knowing any better.

To celebrate two decades as a Filipino artist, Cacnio teamed up with “Toy of the Century” LEGO for a one-of-a-kind exhibit entitled Inspire. I got to catch it on its last day in Greenbelt 5, and it was such a treat to see and examine how Cacnio integrated these plastic bricks into his metal masterpieces.

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KNOxOUT Project EDSA: The Prologue

Working in Makati and living in Paranaque means passing through EDSA almost everyday. And one day, when I saw this enormous piece of wall art near the Magallanes flyover, I knew something was up.

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Art and the Catholic Church: They go way back

Now’s an incredibly frustrating time here in the Philippines for art. A recent controversial exhibit at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) gained the ire and hostility of the Catholic Church — the largest religious domination in the country — so much so that it has reached the Senate today!

But before that, a very brief recollection of events. The CCP opened an exhibit entitled Kulo, and an artist by the name of Mideo Cruz had a multimedia piece there entitled Poleteismo (note that he is only one of 31 artists showcasing his work in the exhibit).


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Eros Basilio: Femme Series

I came to know Sir Eros Basilio as the brother of one of my favorite professors in DLSU, Sir Anlex. Sir Eros, while he was still in advertising, was an institution in himself; he is a master of design and often credited as a local “logo master“. So when I found out that he has a solo exhibition at Ayala Museum Artist Space (first time there, check!), I had to see his art beyond typography and logos.

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10-minute Thor

One of the great perks of being in advertising is being in the company of amazing artists. Fresh from the hype of Thor the movie, my officemate Javey sketched this for me after cleaning his pen (see, I didn’t even know pens for drawing have to be cleaned). 🙂

See more of Javey’s artwork here, as well as shirts from his team at Electromagnetic Tentacle!

Carlo Calma: Grammar of Movement

Last April 29, I had my first art exhibit launch experience care of my blockmate EJ. His cousin, Carlo Calma, launched his 18-piece wood sculpture exhibit entitled “Grammar of Movement”. Being that EJ only invited me hours before it happened, I was uncomfortably underdressed. Nevertheless, I wanted to go to Ayala Museum and see what it was all about.

EJ, Y2 mouse, & Kimmy: First-timers

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Dominic Rubio: Heritage

Me, Rubio’d (a poor attempt at Photoshop, really)


I dedicate my first post about local art to Dominic Rubio. His paintings of colonial Philippines with a dash of whimsy are hugely popular among local and Asian art aficionados. Personally, I love his paintings simply because they’re cute. Oh, and also because I always thought I was born in the wrong generation; other than the 50s, I often feel I belong in the 1890s, right about when Rubio’s tableaux take place.

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