Art Mouse at the Movies: Waste Land (2011)

I’m not much of a fan of mixed media art, but when I saw the art of Vik Muniz, I was instantly in love with his work.

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Nix Puno: Little Wonder

Two Saturdays ago, I got to visit Trilogy Boutique for the first time to check out the launch of my boyfriend’s sister’s friend, Nix Puno. Entitled Little Wonder, the paintings exhibited are described as “part of a bigger context, a larger picture not yet seen — a tiny detail in an eventually beautiful plan.”

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In 3 Hours

In a span of three or so hours, I can:

  • Finish building a house in Sims 3
  • Watch 4 commercial-free episodes of So You Think You Can Dance
  • Come up with name studies for work
  • Read 2 Roald Dahl books
  • Make the most out of a hotel buffet

Marvel artist Mark Brooks can, in three hours, create a jaw-dropping digital painting.

Welcome to the world of speed painting!

Makes me reflect on how much I get to achieve in my waking hours. :p

Thank you Javey for linking me! 😉

RIZALizing the Future

I must admit: Jose Rizal is not my favorite Filipino hero. For that slumbook question, my answer is reserved for Emilio Aguinaldo. I guess it’s because 1) the street I grew up in is named after him, and 2) who doesn’t love a man in uniform? 😉

But this year marks the 150th birth anniversary of my country’s national hero, and the government so kindly declared June 20th a non-working holiday. So as my way of thanksgiving, I trooped over to Yuchengco Museum (first time there, check!) for their RIZALizing the Future exhibit.

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The Love Story of Tim Burton’s Art (Updated)

After I earned the part of Mrs. Lovett via the traditional route of a lengthy audition process, Tim came to my kitchen looking shocked. “I found this original drawing from 20 years ago,” he said. “It looks like you and Johnny. I drew you before I knew you existed.” — Helena Bonham Carter

Sweeney and Lovett,

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Save the Philippine Seas!

OK, I may be a day late for World Oceans Day and the June 8 call for Blog Action Day, but I figured it’s never too late to care about the environment, right?

This entry is in response to Anna Oposa‘s call to spread awareness about recent exposes on the illegal marine trade in the country. I figured that in order to connect this to what I write about here, I’d like you to think about this:

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Eros Basilio: Femme Series

I came to know Sir Eros Basilio as the brother of one of my favorite professors in DLSU, Sir Anlex. Sir Eros, while he was still in advertising, was an institution in himself; he is a master of design and often credited as a local “logo master“. So when I found out that he has a solo exhibition at Ayala Museum Artist Space (first time there, check!), I had to see his art beyond typography and logos.

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Dreams Come True: The Art of Disney’s Classic Fairy Tales

What luck! On the weekend I went to Korea, a new exhibit came to town!
I went to the Seoul Arts Center on my last day to visit the Disney exhibit featuring concept art, sketches, and animation drawings from many of Disney’s most beloved cartoons.

Disney Studio Artist. Snow White with bird

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10-minute Thor

One of the great perks of being in advertising is being in the company of amazing artists. Fresh from the hype of Thor the movie, my officemate Javey sketched this for me after cleaning his pen (see, I didn’t even know pens for drawing have to be cleaned). 🙂

See more of Javey’s artwork here, as well as shirts from his team at Electromagnetic Tentacle!

Found in Korea: Paper Sculptures for Holt

Insadong in Korea is a long avenue lined with souvenirs shops, food stalls, and art galleries. After buying an authentic Korean bookmark for my collection, my sister and I chanced upon this green and leafy art gallery that, sadly, I have no more information for you readers.

Can anyone translate? 😉

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