RIZALizing the Future

I must admit: Jose Rizal is not my favorite Filipino hero. For that slumbook question, my answer is reserved for Emilio Aguinaldo. I guess it’s because 1) the street I grew up in is named after him, and 2) who doesn’t love a man in uniform? 😉

But this year marks the 150th birth anniversary of my country’s national hero, and the government so kindly declared June 20th a non-working holiday. So as my way of thanksgiving, I trooped over to Yuchengco Museum (first time there, check!) for their RIZALizing the Future exhibit.

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Mucha x Quesada

On one day when our office had no internet, I borrowed my seatmate Elvin’s book about Marvel cartoonist Joe Quesada to pass the time. Admittedly, I’m no real comic book fan, but I love poring through comic books because the illustrations in pen and ink are frustratingly amazing. (Art envy strikes again…)

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Lichtenstein’s Dots

Roy Lichtenstein is my favorite Pop Art artist. And when I had the fortune to see my first Lichtenstein painting at MoMA San Francisco with friends Les and Davey early this year, I kid you not — my heart began beating hard against my chest, blood left my face, and I became light-headed.

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Escher’s Tessellations

Back in high school, we had an art class assignment to make a tessellation of our own. I never forgot that class for the sole unfortunate reason that I couldn’t make one. Haaay.

Years later, I read about Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher’s life and how he’s famously credited as the “Father of Modern Tessellations”.

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