Save the Philippine Seas!

OK, I may be a day late for World Oceans Day and the June 8 call for Blog Action Day, but I figured it’s never too late to care about the environment, right?

This entry is in response to Anna Oposa‘s call to spread awareness about recent exposes on the illegal marine trade in the country. I figured that in order to connect this to what I write about here, I’d like you to think about this:

Can you imagine Pixar’s Finding Nemo to be as beautiful as we know it if the artists who made it didn’t have coral reefs to draw inspiration from?

Nelson “Rey” Bohol. Home Reef

Would it have been as funny and endearing if it no longer had the vast and colorful array of marine life because their homes are being destroyed and smuggled?

Chris Bernardi, Bert Berry, Jamie Frye, Yvonne Herbst, Laura Phillips, Belinda van Valkenburg.
Miscellaneous fish (detail)

Pixar already has a lot of talented Filipino artists with them (like Nelson “Rey” Bohol featured here). Wouldn’t it be great if they are inspired by our country’s own underwater life for their stories?

Nelson “Rey” Bohol. Under the docks

Are we going to allow this madness to continue and risk losing an essential source of sustenance, livelihood, and inspiration — maybe forever?

DJ Cleland-Hura. Ocean depths

The resounding answer is (should be) NO!!!

For all of you who care about our seas and want to put an end to the heinous and illegal destruction and smuggling of corals and sea animals, highlights what you can do:

We call on all Filipino bloggers, Tumblr and Posterous users, Tweeps, Plurkers and all netizens to join the June 8 International Blog Action Day to save our seas and coral reefs. Your voices, our actions are that important.

What you can do:

Some ideas and suggestions

While the issue is serious, there are a lot of creative ways to send our message across on or before June 8:

  • An open letter to officials and companies.
  • A photo essay about your favorite beaches or dive spots.
  • Design and share mini-posters, posters and drawings.
  • If you grew up near a beach, tell us about your fond memories.
  • Post about why your (future) kids and future grandkids ought to have the chance to see and enjoy our coral reefs and seas.
  • Why harvesting and peddling corals is bad for the environment and is bad business.
  • Proposals on how to protect or clean up our seas.
  • If you belong to a clan, group, or organization, invite them to join the event.

Taking an extra step or two won’t harm too. You may email your senator, congressman, the Environment secretary, and even the President to demand action.

Save the Philippine Seas!
Stay tuned to local news to stay updated on this very important issue. It’s not too late. Let’s all do our part to preserve the Philippine seas.

Images taken from my Pixar: 25 Years of Animation book from the exhibit of the same name at the Oakland Museum of California. Header image is a detail from Ralph Eggleston’s colorscript for Finding Nemo.


4 thoughts on “Save the Philippine Seas!

  1. Hi! Gusto ko ang blog mo. Mahirap lang kasi maisakatuparan ang isang bagay o adhikain kung may mga taong mapagsamantala at walang kunsensiya sa ating kalikasan. I am with you on preserving the country’s natural resources. Let’s keep up the fight against any abuse and corruption of the Philippines’ ecosystem.

    • Salamat sa suporta Jodrey! Mahirap nga ang kalaban. Tignan mo, it’s been more than a week since I posted this entry, and the issue has fizzled out of current affairs. Sana lang hindi kalimutan ng mga mas may kapangyarihan sa akin ang adhikaing ito.

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