Found in Korea: Paper Sculptures for Holt

Insadong in Korea is a long avenue lined with souvenirs shops, food stalls, and art galleries. After buying an authentic Korean bookmark for my collection, my sister and I chanced upon this green and leafy art gallery that, sadly, I have no more information for you readers.

Can anyone translate? 😉

Inside were a number of cheerful sculptures of children, parents, and dogs that turned out to be wholly made out of paper.

From the hair to the tutu and jumper, these uber cute girls are made entirely out of paper

A boy practicing Korea’s national sport, Taekwondo, has on a crinkly paper uniform

The paper craftsmanship is masterful, as you can see from this toddler and his dog

Paper can be so versatile as a medium that even a windswept effect can be achieved

The website in the brochure I picked up didn’t point me to the gallery’s website but to the Holt Foundation. As it turns out, the Holt Foundation facilitates adoption of Korean children.

A touching sculpture depicts a mother and her (newly-adopted?) baby

Here’s another one

The sculptures really do tug at the heartstrings, but another thing that makes this exhibit quite interesting is the medium used. Indeed, paper no longer isn’t just used to write on or wrap with; it can be sculpted and crafted on its own. Hopefully we get to see something like this locally! Let me know if you know someone who does this! 😉

With a face as cute as this, wouldn’t you want to support the Holt Foundation too? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Found in Korea: Paper Sculptures for Holt

    • Yeah! Another affirmation that art and beauty are universal; even if you don’t understand what it’s for or who made it, you can still appreciate it. =)

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