Eeek! A mouse!

Wayne Thiebaud. Three Machines. de Young Museum San Francisco

Welcome to the Philippine Art Mouse!

I’m incredibly excited and terrified to put up this blog because I find myself to be an extremely private person. And as I mentioned in the About Me page, I have no artistic talent to speak of, much less brag about.

But something’s been stirring in me for the longest time. I love learning about local and foreign art and seeing these in person, but I realized: it all seems so selfish.

Art is meant to be shared, talked about, debated upon, passed on. That’s how I learned to love it, and rather than just have photos from my excursions stay stagnant in my computer or the books I learned from gather dust on my shelf, why not utilize a blog to spread the appreciation & inspiration?

So here’s my way of inspiring others. Whether you create art or not, ALWAYS BE INSPIRED. If you open your eyes, you’ll realize that art is all around you, and the immense beauty of the world will marvelously leave you feeling really small — small as a mouse. 😉


7 thoughts on “Eeek! A mouse!

  1. Y2! My heart goes out to you and your blog. I just think your humility and contagious passion–not to mention your storytelling skill– for this interest of yours IS your art. I don’t usually read blogs, but this is the first exception I would have to say. 🙂 More…power?…art? basta more! 😀

    • Thanks so much Kyleen! Those are such heartwarming words! ❤

      Yeah! I hope to add more content in the coming months. I already have a lot of materials that I've read about and from my past travels, but I really wanna put more about current exhibitions around the Philippines; I feel that's more relevant. I'm working on balancing my weekend activities to make time for that, so stay tuned! =)

  2. That’d be great! Yeay for Filipino Art and Artists! And art appreciators as well. 🙂 Looking forward to that, Y2!

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